Monday, May 23, 2011

conundrums (tech, freedom, etc)

So twitter's constrained their terms of service to not allow you to display tweets with their API if that's all you're doing.
I guess writing something to harvest them for spammers is ok, but listing them in a python interface window is too close to Twitter's Mission or some shit*.

I'm starting to sound like the old man on the porch, here.
"fuck facebook, maaaaaaaaan, it's the Prison Planet!!!"

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

But I'm thinking I should be treating twitter with some of the same disdain reserved for Facebook. Build the network by offering a free an open API, when network is built start locking that shit down and shutting out the ones that brought you to the dance. . . . crap.

Maybe it's just a case where twitter just isn't my style so I'm poo pooing it easily. I'm a long winded fuck.
140 characters or less isn't my style, but it might be better for the world

* Many many terribly inaccurate things in my argument include, but are not limited to: assumption I'm using the API right; assumption I've correctly configured the firewall; assumption I've read the documentation and internet guides correctly; assumption I'm not terribly lazy and didn't skip most of these steps, but assume Twitter's forbidden the app; etc

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