Monday, May 30, 2011

done and done

phew. My knees hurt like the dickens right now. I crawled around on them all day yesterday drilling holes with the hole saw, running wire, looking underneath stuff to figure out why the hell the wires weren't working, yelling at my wife for things I did because I'm a fully actualized human being, that sort of thing.
"Where the hell is this part, and why did you move it?"
Andrea doesn't tell me to fuck off.
I find part in second place I look, a more logical place than the first place. I feel like a heel, say sorry.
Rinse-repeat for every component and wire in the house.

We did manage to destroy a vase, attempting to move furniture with it on top. As soon as it happened I just seethed in rage at our collective stupidity. There were two of us, and we both missed it. I fear for our unborn child's safety. Who moves furniture with fragile things delicately balanced on top? Two morons in a house armed with power tools.

So the hole drilling went according to plan thanks to the engineers who came before me. The hole saw was designed in such a manner that the bolt would come loose after some sawing and make a horrible sound. This horrible ound was the drill not destroying itself or my hand as it bound up on the hardwood floor. I would not have thought of something like that in my own hand saw invention and people would have died.

Fun things I got to do when moving an entertainment center 3 feet:
  • Evaluate all components. Do I really need a DVD player when I have a PS3 sitting in the entertainment center? A CD player? We don't even have CDs on the ground floor.
  • Finally get the PS3 to stream from my computer - that's one step closer to "cable? What cable?" (err, satellite but same difference)
  • Figure out why my subwoofer hasn't worked for a year - it's amped so needed to go into the Pre-Out plug on the back of my receiver. Also realized Surround Sound speakers shouldn't be plugged into "Rear Surround Sound" unless they're actually, you know, behind you.
  • Had my wife comment "wow it sounds like we're actually using that sound system now" - I'm going to play Mortal Kombat for 4 days showing her just how much we're using it.
  • Fatality.

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