Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rational Drill Holing

So I've figured out a way to drill holes all over my living room floor and still do it tastefully.
Behold, the grommet:
These are cord organizers for the desk, but a couple in the corners of a room will be welcome by any future home-owner. The best part about installing grommets is I get to use this:

I'm punching two holes in the floor, one near the edge of the wall by the fireplace, one near the other side of the room. I'll run the speaker wire under the floor, and pop it up through the grommets on the other side. I'm not sure if I'll have to glue the grommets into place or anything like that; we'll have to wait and see. Perhaps something heavier duty (metal instead of plastic) should be installed.
Who knows.
I went with 2" grommets with the assumption that someone may want to run cable, 4 speaker wires, and ethernet through the same hole at any point, so make the two big enough to accommodate that.

So here's to rational acts of destruction.

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