Thursday, May 26, 2011

stay very calm

I returned from lunch today to find a missing iPod.
This has angered me greatly. I suppose it's my fault for leaving it out; I've done it every single day for the last year but yeah, I hadn't given notice.




Words don't describe the rage.
It's my birthday. So maybe this is someone's terrible idea: "hey, I'll load a couple of CDs on his iPod" or "haha it's hilarious if he thinks someone stole his iPod".

This could be a terrible misunderstanding.
Either way, I have a few days to consider my options.
I must remain very, very calm and not do anything rash or punitive.
I know nothing, and my rage has only a faceless target, so it must dissipate in healthy outlets.

But I smell blood in the water.

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