Sunday, June 12, 2011

impending doom

New job starts tomorrow. Once again, quitting a job didn't mean quitting work. Curses.
What I really want to do is play some frozen synapse - this game is amazing. Imagine if you took your turns in chess at the same time, and there were rules of how pieces ate other pieces, and you get a rough idea of this game.
It's simultaneous turn based strategy - which is hard to parse without playing. Essentially, you have a squad of 2-4 guys with weapons. These can be the close range powerhouse shotguns, the assault rifle for classic area denial, or explosive units - rocket launchers and grenadiers. This is turn based, so you get to contemplate for as long as you want on what you think your guys should do. This includes stuff like ignoring enemies you spot to run for that prime piece of cover; storming a room and quick checking both entrances for hostiles; lobbing a grenade through a window and running like hell.
More importantly, you can predict what your enemies will do, and run simulations as often as you want. You don't have to. Or you can, and make terrible choices anyway. Here's an example of that (I'm green):

I've got a few of those face-palm videos.
But I've also got turns where my opponent says "man, tough break" and then we submit the turns, and he goes "Wait, what?" and he has three blood splatters where his guys used to be.

The mechanic is fascinating because you can play 6-10 games at once, and have turns you can play a lot. You typically sit down and play two turns in a row, but don't know the outcome of the second. Sometimes you play "live" but I normally don't count on it - if you turn his guys into paste he might rage-quit anyway. (You'll still get the win after a little while)

Anyhow, this game is FUN. I haven't looked up real world military tactics for a video game in probably 5 years, but I'm trying to perfect bounding overwatches like nobody's business these days.

Best of all, the business model gets you two copies so you can pull a friend into this mess. Great times. I just had a turn finish where I pasted a guy's two shotgunners and rocket launcher for my one machine gunner; it's all over but the crying unless I screw up. It happens, though; I just fought one guy to a draw after he pasted 3 of my guys. I stuck my head in the right windows at the right times, and shot grenadiers in the backs of their heads, and then hid for the tie.

I'm as noble in real life, too.

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