Thursday, June 16, 2011

just for laughs bust

I went to the "Anti Social Network" show last night for the Just For Laughs festival. The show was good -Sean Flannery did a tight five at the top of the show. Jim Norton hosted, followed by Bill Burr, Jim Breuer, and Dave Attel. Bill Burr stole the show; he's my current favorite. He loves taking something difficult to get a laugh on and turning it into a phenomenal bit.
I missed ALL of Jim Breuer's set waiting in line at a bar. Almost twenty minutes went by, and they served four people. In the only bar in the entire Chicago Theater that was open. They closed all the bars after the first set, I guess; I wouldn't know because the lines were longer than twenty people when we walked in. They were closed when Brueuer came out. The floor the bar was open on actually had two bars - one was closed and counting down, and gave two shits about a line of thirty people.
I gave up when I was halfway there, pissed as hell. I not only miss one of the four acts, but can't even pay an overpriced amount for a lukewarm beer? And more importantly (MOST fucking importantly) not return with a water for my pregnant wife?

Chicago Theater sucks a dick, period.

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