Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The new job's pretty great.

This is a pretty techie post; a couple of you might appreciate it but many won't. If you're not sure what the next sentence reads, you're going to get lost in the weeds so save yourself some frustration and punch out now.

So the new job has rolled their own IDE internally. This means nil support for gvim, my editor of choice. This has naturally frustrated me a bit; gVim is Simply Better than anything out there other than emacs. (I don't know if emacs or vim is better - I started with emacs in college but didn't learn it like I have vim - I'm sure it's a very powerful tool as well)

So, I wrote a quickie script today in autohotkey to grab the buffer I'm in in the IDE, copy it, open a vim window, and paste.
I've got the hotkeys set up for copy/paste; it works ok but it's wicked dangerous. (doesn't respect the fact if you've moved buffers in the original IDE right now)

It's a kludge but it will work until I can rip the guts out of their home-grown stuff. A few months off of that I'd imagine.

But man o man - I'm writing code again. Feels good.

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