Friday, June 3, 2011

You Gotta You Gotta You Gotta Be Fresh

You should be watching Workaholics. Well, I won't say you should be watching unless you have a Nielsen ratings box (then please please please watch it) but it is a very funny show.
Similar in nature to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Workaholics centers around three guys that may or may not be likable. It's not Always Sunny's Chaotic Evil. It's more Chaotic Good. Well, neutral. Probably can't consider something Good after "To Friend A Predator". That episode and the latest, "Fully Torqued" with the bodybuilding wizards. . . Christ I laughed. The show's really hitting its stride. It's sophomoric - it is, after all, about some twenty somethings post college in their first jobs. Which is almost by definition sophomoric.
Hell, watch the first episode. They're likable in flashes - "hey I would like to hang out with these dudes" and they are incredible losers in others. But it's recognizable loserdom because it's reflections of my friends and me.
Here's the first episode's main plot point
There's misses, I think; the offices I've worked in didn't have dialogue like that but maybe telemarketing's different. Just doesn't sound like office banter with a boss.
But they are mining some very funny stuff and the writing's getting better.
Hoping we get season 2.

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