Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blessed and cursed at once

Decoding the Stuxnet Virus on Wired. Saw it on slashdot first.

Great article, fascinating read on breaking down the virus and what it did. Really interesting to see the landscape of cyber-attacks manifest in the physical realm.
Wizardy, indeed.
It also explains our government's earlier statement regarding cyber attacks as "acts of war" a little bit hilarious. Slug-a-bug, no hit-backs!
Did we just go to war with Iran too?

So the formula's not constant war (cold/hot) with another large superpower, it's a million little wars with these shitty little countries on Israel's behalf?
Ok, very unfair. Libya's more about something else not exactly Israel, and Iraq was about oil. Iraq might play out (god forbid I say it) to be a strategically sound place for America to be if oil's way closer to running out than we know.This seems likely.

It would be hilarious if Bush is vindicated by history for invading Iraq. I'd eat my crow happily, I think.
Other than the whole we're fucked because we ran out of oil, we're guarding the last of it with our military while Iraq perfects its nuclear bomb, and Michelle Bachman decides that's just like that part in the bible and pressing the button will make the Rapture happen. . .

You're right, I should turn this into a horror blog.

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