Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I sort of sympathize with that Casey Anthony lady

So my dumb nutshell opinion is Casey Anthony probably went out partying leaving her baby in the car, then the car got towed w/baby in it, and was dead when she got the car back. Nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure. Sad and stupid and senseless, really.

I have this technical website - it's not something I've been going to much because my last job had shifted non-technical and even when it was technical it was all proprietary extension design. There wasn't anything that was generic enough to write about in my mind.

Now that I'm solving a lot of technical tasks with python . . . there's lots to talk about. I'm doing hilariously bad things that wreak havoc with my whole day.

But they don't really belong here I think. Maybe they do. Fuck if I know.
I don't think they do. I don't want to point employers here. Interviewing and house staging are pretty similar; it's best if you're beige.

So I go to my old site, and it's overrun. 700 posts waiting comments. I moved the hosting to a ruby site some time ago when I was playing with RoR, and forgot about it and most of the details. I do know it's a bitch to update the blog software. And I don't know my login anymore because I'm awesome.

That website is my dead baby in the car. And I don't really want to deal with it either.
Am I one for analogies or what?

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