Saturday, July 16, 2011

Operation: Inoculation

Slayer cancelled their tour this year because their guitarist contracted a flesh eating bacteria. Everybody's talked about how metal that is, but nobody's talked about the groupie who gave it to him.
And I won't either because it's prurient, and invasive.
"She's got this zombie look going man, I've gotta nail her for the dark gods!"
Ok that's enough.

I fear flesh eating bacteria more than a lot of things. It sounds like something you'd have to be really dilligent about applying salves - I'm still living with athelete's foot I contracted in the tropics. In the 1980s. Flesh eating bacteria - man. Everyone would shake their heads around me. "This was totally preventable if he'd applied a salve and showered twice a day."

Ok enough of this nonsense, I have to mow the lawn.
I have a people powered rotary mower and if the grass gets too tall it becomes murderous, just rolling over the grass and not cutting it, so it stands back up an hour later. But it only happens for about a third of the blades so it looks like a terrible haircut . . . good times.
We're at that stage already, but the creeping charlie has taken over and choked out a lot of the grass, so it looks like it's well groomed.

I've become the guy who talks about his lawn.
I hope you're happy, life.

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