Monday, July 11, 2011

Please win in Iowa, Michelle Bachman

Please win.
Please, please, please win.

I'm basing this on the premise that the public hasn't gone that stupid, and a candidate as scary as Michelle won't be accepted by the semi-rational (read: non-Christian Fundamentalist) Republicans who would either sit the presidential out or vote for Obama.

I don't think it gets that far though; I think her Chickens for Checkups moment will come prior to the general and she'll flame out spectacularly.

But who cares? How infuriated must Mitt be? She's an idiot. Mitt actually is a pretty decent representative of a rational conservative (these days, heh) and the best shot at actually governing. And he's used to the health care plan *winky face*.
This crazy comes along and will pummel him for not being conservative enough, force him to tack right into crazy town for his base, and eliminate any chance HE has in the general.

But the best part of Bachman winning, is what it'll do to Sara Palin.
They're the same people but one of them has the weight of office and a relevant(ish) political bid, and the other quit her first term as governor.
And it'll drive Palin (and Bachman) BONKERS.

Seemed appropriate.

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