Saturday, July 9, 2011

vlad the killer

"At least it's not birds," I thought when I brought the shovel down on the mouse's body once, twice, three times to make sure it was dead.
Second one in as many days I had to do that to. Not as bad as the baby rabbit he brought home, but still not great.

My worry is where the hell is he finding these mice? Are they in our compost? our neighbors' compost? One of the other houses on the block (I hope)?

The hilarious thing is I'm not sure if Vlad expects me to chase him away and then kill them. He's bringing them home, "look I found a new friend I'm going to love and squeeze and call him George."
And then I race in and smash them with a shovel.

Speaking of smashing them with a shovel - is there a better way to put these poor bastards out of their misery? I feel bad doing it the way I've been doing it, but it's a quicker death than exposure. And the mice just cannot get away, period. The bunny I'd probably turn my head and let run away if it was old enough, but the mice are dead men walking in my lawn. That's why I have cats.

Also, I like their dumb antics.

This is Sylvester the not so much killer.

And here's Vlad.


  1. who knew vlad was going to live up to his name so well? do you have a bell collar on him? it's the only thing i can imagine might give the wee creatures a fighting chance. i suspect you already have either done this or determined its in-utility.

  2. He figured out a way to shed breakaway collars and "lost" the last two we had on him. Doesn't matter too much; the guy can launch from standing still 4 feet into the air.
    We've seen him on the garage roofs behind the house.
    Bells merely handicap him.