Friday, July 8, 2011


Wow. Google just changed blogger's interface pretty dramatically.
I had to switch to HTML to get a TEXTAREA html node. (this is important as the ItsAllText firefox extension keys off of those nodes and is what allows me to launch a vi window as my text editor.
Srsly. vi.
It's a little bit harder than programming which typically has line breaks around 80 characters. Writing paragraphs put multiple sentences on one "line". The J and K keys (which normally control up and down) become less useful, and using f and F on periods is more efficient. (allows you to jump from sentence to sentence) Mouse based editing might be better for this sort of writing, I'm unsure.

OK enough technical claptrap.

Did I lose everyone? Let's talk about marijuana!
Just kidding. Drugs are bad!
Even if they're less harmful than alcohol, decrimmed in certain states, and generally an easy thing to cultivate for yourself if the laws prohibiting it weren't so crazy harsh.
I would love to see a culture similar to craft beers come about for marijuana botany. That would be sweet.
But that won't happen for at least a decade or two, unless BP decides they want to sell dope.

So I guess our only choice is to write BP and ask them to consider lobbying congress to grow and distribute marijuana in the United States.

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