Friday, August 5, 2011

I know it's cliche but

Whew Friday.
It's been a hell of a ride so far at work. Today's the first day I felt like I sputtered in to the finish line for a couple of days off.
The rest it's been bliss. Slamming away at the keyboard, no meetings thus far just exuberant programming.

Life at home is great too. The lawn needs work, heh.
Pretty boring but I think that's ok.
I'm going to the Ren Faire on the morrow to relive what it was to live without toilet paper, deodorant, or social mores of morning alcoholism.
I feel like going dressed in a toga.
Not dressing up is pretty much tolerated, but what would they do if you dress up intentionally anachronistically? It's online trolling in real life!

Product review: Da Bird.
It's a cat toy - a wand with a feather toy at the end. The trick is the attachment to the wand and the feather shape causes a spinning motion similar to a flapping bird.
The cats go apeshit. I've got to get some video. Vlad's 4 foot in the air, landing on Sylvester. Even Sylvester's catching air, and begging for play time every spare minute of the day. He's much better behaved these days, too. If I can I'll get some video - I've never seen Sylvester go after something like this before.

Good stuff. Like ten bucks or six bucks on Amazon. (the extra birds are the real killer - make sure you put this one away or they'll tear it apart)

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