Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Fridays now? wtf?!?

I threw away three posts this week as I didn't like them very much.
They never really got there for me. Tried too hard to sound wise or something. Not sure. Didn't like it, didn't post it.

Finished Dexter season 1 tonight. Quite a good show. . . perverse in its humor. I figured out the stuff just a little before the reveal, but I think that's the writers' intention. I like watching shows where I feel smart.

Job's good. I do have trouble understanding the point of an MBA - do they take the brains out when you get it, or do they tell dumb people "this is how to get ahead."?
I shouldn't say that, but everything I read from so-called "business analysts" is garbage.

On the bright side, I'm developing new ways to accumulate massive data sets and analyze them for patterns/specifics.
Lots of fun to watch the console window scrolls with notification of acquired objects, data exceptions, and completion times. . . it feels like you're doing something even when you're not doing anything.

My current Dwarf Fortress has been on pause since last night, when the game auto-paused for me, notifying me of an ambush. I have to figure out how to get my civilians inside before I unpause it this time, and let the gobbos come into the cleverly laid traps I have in store.
I am THROUGH losing to the first set of goblins to come waltzing into my fortress site.

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