Monday, August 22, 2011

never a good sign

A middle name that will be refused by everyone but rolls off the tongue: Nagasaki.
Terribly offensive? Sure.
Arya Nagasaki Barry.

Recorded for posterity, so our unnamed child can thank her mother for protecting her even before birth.

My wife and I did a trade show this weekend, driving for a good 7 hours there and back on Friday and Sunday.
So I'm basically on Day 8 of working, and the last 3 were 12 hour days.

In two months that will be the natural order, never a day off again.

Trade shows and my regular job are a little bit different.
I was pretty bad at this one I think; I sat and read Feast for Crows almost the entire time. I helped customers, and ran food, and lifted anything heavy.
My favorite moment was when a slightly overweight lady in her 50s approached our booth.
"How are you?" she asked.
I replied, "Only two more weeks till football!"
She exchanged looks with my wife.
"I wouldn't know," she replied tersely.
I smiled and went back to reading. I knew she wouldn't know. I watched maybe three football games last year. I don't even know if it starts in two weeks, but it sounded right.
I just wanted to be annoying to someone at the show but not look like I was being annoying, just socially weird.
It was satisfying.

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