Thursday, August 18, 2011

random shots

PEBKAC is an acronym I should use more often self-referentially.

Goblins are a fact of life, I guess. The last fortress was a doozy, situated right in the bend of a river that had carved its way deep into the stone. I thought to exploit the river, redirecting it through a channel (that cost 3 miners their lives building) , essentially rerouting the river around my mine entrance and protecting it with drawbridges.
I'm talking some relatively fancy shit.

BUT I didn't pay enough attention to the channel, and left a leak that proceeded to flood the whole valley when the spring rains came.

I was so distracted I forgot to build a barracks for the military to train at. But I had the moat, so it was all good.
Winter came. The river, lower than usual because half of it was in the valley drowning the elves, froze completely.
That's when the goblins arrived.
Twenty minutes later, and I click "Abandon Fort"

Damn damn damn a million times damn.

Post-script - does anyone else hate hate hate the new Compose window in Google Blogger? It's little things, like where the cursor appears and the half second delay between seeing the words and typing them - I don't know, it's terrible.
Bugs me a lot, and I'm not sure if it's firefox, google, or my dumb computer. Doesn't matter, that's what vim is for ;)

Post-Post-Script - Google changed my settings for Line breaks as well. So if it looks like I adopted Kerouac's writing style, I have not. I am too eager to tap "enter", if anything. NOT PEBKAC BUT PRETTY IRONIC

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