Sunday, September 25, 2011

.... Hello World

... Hello Michael.
Would you like to play a game?

I'm bathing in the glow of three monitors.
The bg spreads across three, in a way I've only dreamed of since I purchased a lifetime membership to Digital Blasphemy.

So: computer died.
Purchased all parts myself to build myself because:
Last Time someone built it, they built it wrong and it was never Quite Right; this was further reinforced by the fly-by-night fold of the company 2 years into my 3 year warranty.

So, fuck it, I can build my own. Or more accurately, Jeff Atwood can.
Stole his build. It's scary.

Solid state drives are incredibly fast and quiet. But so, so fast.
Bought a camera that will turn into a baby monitor and eventually a babysitter monitor. Tee to the hee hee.
Big brother ain't watching ya, Big Daddy is.

More importantly, any offspring of mine should be able to sneak past moderate security. . .I expect them to keep me sharp through terrible hindsight.

Hilarious tidbits for now that belong on
Current Firefox download on mozilla is corrupt.
In chrome. Like it, but need to find and install ScriptBlock.
Facebook is not allowed to execute code on my browser. Period.
They own my pictures? Fine. They're dead to me.

I'm back, for a short period of time before it gets weird.
The suspense is killing me.

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