Monday, October 24, 2011

dumb bliss

Lottie Diana Barry was born 6 days ago.
My heart's not big enough for all the love and it keeps leaking out my eyes.

Friday, October 7, 2011

wait, what?

You can talk into your phone and have it translate into a text message to send now?

If it's on a non-phone device, impressive.
But it's on your phone.

You can just call someone and say those words right into their ear, instead of AutoCorrect screwing up your world, saying you're at a harem with a camel or something.

I don't get technology sometimes.

Dances With Dragons

Succinct review - Martin is a monstrous bastard intent on destroying everything good in my life.

Longer review:
This book was hard to read. Some characters are incredibly cruel and I feel Martin gets too close to real evil - none of this Voldemort bullshit but shit that could happen here, with one man doing it to another and destroying both of them. .
I'm traumatized by the end of this one.
It's Martin's style, certainly - justice is done but it's capricious and almost incidental.
No shelter here. . . I was approaching the end and grew concerned that I'd seen little death - in fact characters have come back from the dead this book.
And then George stabbed me in the heart.
I finished it last night, and am still soaking it in.
I hate that there were warnings. I can see them now.
I hate that they couldn't.

I hate that there's three years, and the only justice I want is for a realm to perish.
Others take them all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Everything

I'm a maudlin shitbag, but when I read about the arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge this past weekend, I got misty. I got all weepy about the protests rising up.

I'm not even sure why. I think it's because I've felt powerless - even when I felt like we were "winning" politically, they found a way to lose. This outpouring of frustration by thousands of others made me feel OK. I'm not crazy, this is absolute bullshit.

But if it doesn't translate into either working within the system or setting the whole fucking world on fire, then it's just half measures.
If they don't:
  1. Organize registration and Get Out The Vote efforts
  2. Primary complicit Democrats
  3. Put forward more candidates like Elizabeth Warren
  1. Burn mansions
  2. Behead/eviscerate the mouthpieces of the top 1% - the propagandists first.
  3. Set up a wall, determine who should be the first ones up against it
  4. Kick down the whole fucking barn
I don't think the second course is viable or sustainable, but if you're not working in the system, then commit, god-damnit.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing the point and the visibility of the protests is what inspires these voters/scares politicians enough so things actually change.