Friday, October 7, 2011

Dances With Dragons

Succinct review - Martin is a monstrous bastard intent on destroying everything good in my life.

Longer review:
This book was hard to read. Some characters are incredibly cruel and I feel Martin gets too close to real evil - none of this Voldemort bullshit but shit that could happen here, with one man doing it to another and destroying both of them. .
I'm traumatized by the end of this one.
It's Martin's style, certainly - justice is done but it's capricious and almost incidental.
No shelter here. . . I was approaching the end and grew concerned that I'd seen little death - in fact characters have come back from the dead this book.
And then George stabbed me in the heart.
I finished it last night, and am still soaking it in.
I hate that there were warnings. I can see them now.
I hate that they couldn't.

I hate that there's three years, and the only justice I want is for a realm to perish.
Others take them all.

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