Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas from an atheist

I shouldn't even mention the "War on Christmas" as it's a chimera but there you go.

It's just funny to me; I'm having parents and family over for Christmas dinner.
I got multiple people presents.

I am also a complete and unapologetic atheist.
So I smirk a little bit when I hear about the war on Christmas. Where? You're a cultural pariah if you don't participate in the holiday.

I sound bitter, but I shouldn't. I'm really not; it will be great to see my family. They'll insist on praying, they might even attempt to throw the conversation at "The Birth Of Our Lord" but I'm hoping it's kept on the DL. Maybe the lack of a Christmas tree will help.

That'll change though. I don't know why, but I want to raise Lottie with the whole Santa myth. It's a great lesson: Adults Lie. Sometimes you want something to be true but it isn't. People will go along with your belief in order to manipulate you. ("So be good for goodness' sake!")

I figure we'll have Santa until she's adept at google; then I don't know what happens.
Shit, I don't know what happens next week, it's hilarious insanity to speculate on dissolving the belief system associated with Santa and when it will happen.
She still poops herself.

'Tis the season I suppose.
Happy Holidays to all of you; enjoy today because you'll be making a lot of bullshit promises to yourself in a couple of weeks.

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