Friday, January 13, 2012

fun PriceLine ripoff story (please RT)

My wife used to use Priceline for her convention visits, booking hotels via their bidding service.

You know the one, William Shatner's their PriceLine Negotiator!!

So 8 months out prior to the show, she bids on Priceline for a hotel. She gets it for a reasonable bid and moves on with her life.
Two weeks prior to the show, the hotel (Atlanta's W Midtown) contacts my wife and says "sorry, we sold your room."

Which apparently is Totally OK according to the contract you sign with Priceline.
Priceline then told them that another area completely unconnected via public transportation or shuttle was their alternative.

The twist is her friend reserved a room at the same rate for the same period (after my wife told her about it), and her reservation was honored. 

Priceline's told my wife to piss off, so she's ending business with the company. Since I have a blog, I figured I'd name and shame the hotel (Atlanta's W Midtown)

It's astounding that the core business principle of Priceline: "Bid on a hotel and receive it" is actually a falsehood.

Spread the word - your rate's not guaranteed. But you can bet your ass they'll come for your money if your stay's not guaranteed.


  1. Thank you for making this post long enough so that I could see your Myspace link