Wednesday, January 25, 2012

unforeseen consequences

The Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United was bad. Allowing infinite unlimited money into politics via the Super PAC was a terrible decision.

The Right, which tend to have a disproportionate representation with the wealthy and typically align along big business' interests (deregulation friendly) . Super PACs should be good for them. Indeed, there's great wailing and gnashing of teeth about the super PACs on political blogs like the Daily Kos.

So both Newt and Mitt bred these giant monster super PACs, and sent them at each other.
It's absolutely hilarious. Mitt's terrible handling of the tax return question and Newt's super PAC just pounding on Mitt's biggest weakness  - "He's one of elite richie riches" Mitt's lost 15 points in favorability in two weeks.

Everybody was so afraid that the massive corporate money would distort politics.
And they're right, it has. But I think the distortion of zero electable candidates vs Obama wasn't what they were looking for.

evil plans come to fruition
Or maybe it was! Here's a baby making a mastermind face.