Thursday, February 23, 2012

type type type

I'm pregnant with a bunch of eggs that I want to call chickens.
We'll wait to see if they end up as chickens. They sure are pretty eggs.

Everyone I've met with kids older than 1, even, have said "if I knew then what I knew now" and boy, I wish they could impart that delta.

A headhunter ended up here the other day. Sent me a compliment on the "Charred Bridges" post.
My reaction to this is complicated, but the most selfish part of me thought "awesome, I hope she reads more of my blog!"
My wife's reaction was, "what if she reads more of your blog?!"

I retired my Yet Another Public Apology policy (of never deleting a blog post) with the Memory Hole that won't work so great because once it's out there it's sort of out there. So there's still room for the Yet Another Public Apology tag.
For better or worse.

But I'll delete/revert to draft like crazy now. I'm running for President, for Pete's Sake!

Hopefully life and video games won't get in the way too much of writing.


Oh, speaking of writing, The Golden Age trilogy was pretty good. As my friend Dave who recommended it said, "ambitious"

OK enough of this. Happy weekend.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

charred bridges

Sobriety and the cold logic of the morning hangover destroyed the previous post.

I should have better impulse control at 36 years of age.
Charlotte is making me insane. . . none of the rules matter anymore if she's the target.
But really, the rules matter so much more. Everyone else is still playing by them.
I hate parents who adopt that "me me me" attitude, I shouldn't be one of them.

I 100% understand it at a visceral level. But it's still wrong.

I need to adopt the posture of the reed, not the oak.

Aikido is the martial art to think of; the forces thrown against me shouldn't be met with force, but guidance.