Thursday, March 22, 2012

couple of dumb random political observations

Pretty sick of a couple things politically.

I love that the same party that passed laws against Sharia Law in multiple states ALSO is waging the whole "freedom of religion" card in the health care battle.

And on the other side of the fence, the reasons I dislike Obama are the same reasons Rs should vote for him. Mega tough on defense and terrorism. Believer in extension of power of the Executive branch. He fucking assassinates US Citizens Like A Boss.
He's using a Secret Executive Interpretation of the law to act unilaterally in the name of defense.
All this sort of thing is perfectly OK for Republican Interests.

Hell, that's half the reason I bet the Rs didn't muster a credible candidate this election cycle - why would they need to? Despite all the rhetoric, Obama's a centrist implementing primarily Republican initiated plans.

Finally, Fuck the Referees in the MSU vs Louisville game.

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