Monday, March 12, 2012

I may have anxiety disorder

I have that, or hypochondria, or cancer, or a canker sore.
I'm going to the dentist tomorrow so it should be all straightened out.
Except for my teeth because that would cost thousands of dollars.

In my twenties I didn't pay my student loans or floss.
I was twenty-five before the student loan thing caught up to me, but I made it into my thirties with the flossing.
My recommendation to anyone who reads my blog: don't do this.
The main reason you shouldn't do this (other than all your teeth falling out of your head way early) is you have to go through this process where they scrape your gums down with this tartar spike.
It's so bad they numb your face up for it. Not pleasant.
So unpleasant, my reaction was, "Hey dentist how can I stop you from doing that to me?"
"Floss. And I might do it anyway."
Well shit.

So: Pay your student loans and floss till you bleed, or they'll pull your teeth out.

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