Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm no anti-dentite

Dental appointment went OK. Flossing works for the most part. But when they tell you "floss every day" and you still floss every other day, to see if they'll notice, well. . . it's not their mouth. But they notice.
"Try to get up to every day," which doesn't seem like it should be herculean but fuck me.

And if you floss like TWICE A WEEK in your twenties you basically don't run into this problem.

What scares me is what's lurking for my forties. Not too far off.
My balls will probably drop to my knees because I've been jerking off wrong this whole time, and just never shared techniques with anyone to find out I wasn't doing it right.

I'm pretty sure that's not it, but it was an example that I hope happens to this guy I know.

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