Wednesday, March 21, 2012

keeping the streak alive

it's either write a dumb post or play binding of isaac (BofI), and frankly that game is killing me.

First: It is a legend of zelda clone. This is HUGE to me. Zelda was the first video game I played that just blew my mind.
"Wait, it saves where I am and I continue playing LIKE IT IS D AND D?!"

Finding the white sword. . . finding the magic sword. . . beating Ganon. . . WHAT DO YOU MEAN SECOND QUEST?!

Just amazing memories.
And this is a clone, strumming the notes of nostalgia through a twisted, malformed instrument.

See, BofI takes the game play of Zelda and refracts it through a prism of dark Old Testament lore. It's about the story of Abraham and Isaac - God tells Abraham "kill your kid" and then right before Abraham does it, God jumps in, "What the hell are you doing? I was ONLY KIDDING! JESUS!"
That was paraphrased. To anyone religious who somehow tolerates my writing, I'm aware of the hilarious juxtaposition of Abe/Isaac and Jesus The Christ. (to anyone unaware, probably most of you - the Abe/Isaac story in Christianity is a symmetry to Christ. Abraham is asked to give up his only child, because God is going to do that in a couple of thousand years) The funniest part (to me) is that neither of the cases represent justice. A god demanding the sacrifice of a follower's child is no god to follow, ('Tis better to reign . . .) nor is the sacrifice of Jesus to atone for all of our sins any form of justice.

Sorry, I ranted. Binding of Isaac. It looks at that story in another manner; and it's terrible and perverse, and funny. But it is dark. Worse with a newborn. Even worse when the final ending is revealed, as it was to me in spoiler form.
It's so terrible I have trouble playing it because of the cut scenes.

But man is the game fun.

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