Tuesday, March 27, 2012

less talkie talkie more typey typey

Mad Men season opener was pretty good. Writing was sharp, Roger vs Lord Flouncey is great. Rooting for Roger even though he's doing jack compared to Lord Flouncey Primpalot.
Lord Flouncey annoys me, hence his name.

I think Camel (is that RJR Nabisco?) figured out a brilliant way to get a cig ad on TV. That's been disallowed since I was a kid, but they just brazenly did a product placement with a perfect shot at the Camel cigarette pack as one of the young guys in the office (I forget his name, he's the new guy) smoking and turning the pack in his hands. Young, healthy, laughing and smoking while putting the pack away.
Somebody in that marketing department deserves a raise.

Anyhow. Have work to do.
Don't see me complaining to the boss.

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