Monday, July 30, 2012

lego mecha? yes please

h/t Penny Arcade

Lego Mecha is a thing, it is real, and it apparently has rules so you can PLAY OTHER PEOPLE.
And since it's legos. . . I 'm just speculating here but. . . YOU CAN BLOW THEIR ARMS OFF

Some things have to be joyfully shouted.
Almost every one of the pieces they use are choking hazards, unfortunately, so I won't be participating. Sure, responsible adults could maintain a collection of these and have children, but I'm playing the odds.
This is how I am a responsible adult.

In other unrelated news but also about gaming - Ubisoft's Copy Protection Installs a Rootkit.
They're Assassin's Creed, Anno series, Splinter Cell, lots of other stuff. I haven't played any of their games in a long long time due to their draconian copy protection measures, this validates my stance.

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