Sunday, August 26, 2012

12 hours later, my phone works, I think

I love having to factory reset my phone.
And then, because carriers are terrible about keeping their phones updated (Exception: iPhone), I had to root and flash a new ROM.
The choices are pretty good these days, and I think I've got a much better setup than I did before I started fixing the damn thing.

Of course, I'm an idiot and forgot to officially detach my Bnet authenticator from the phone so it's only a matter of time before I can't play Diablo 3.
(that help ticket's been opened too and I don't blame Android)

Hopefully I've set this up appropriately and I won't have to handle another factory reset for a long time/ever.

You know what spurred all of this?

So most of last night was "why the fuck won't this album transfer?"
Followed by "fuck this shit, time to wipe the phone"
Followed by "How the fuck do I wipe my phone?"
Followed by "shit, I should have read ALL the instructions"
Followed by "How do I recover my bricked phone?"
Followed by "OK this time I'll use the AT&T upgrade tool"
Followed by "Now let's root it and install a new ROM"
Followed by a factory wipe, recovery and upgrade (again)
Followed by a slew of minor technical issues that all require flashing ROMs.

But I think it's stable.
Using it for the next few weeks will confirm or deny these reports.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Walled Garden or not, iPhone's better

In the heady days when I first got the android I was excited.


It's a piece of shit. The market's fragmented, and I don't want to spend the fucking time to deal with the day to day tasks of supporting a phone.

Because that's what this shitbox is - a support task.

I don't want a support task. I don't want to handle all this shit.
I don't want 4 different apps to determine how to do something.
I don't want 3 fucking versions of Google Music on my phone, where they only work some of the time.

Speaking of some of the time, my camera stopped saving pictures, though I have plenty of space. It's a permissions issue or something.
Another fucking support task.

Fuck Android phones.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jim Morrison never had to worry about gum disease

So for a while there I thought I couldn't brush my teeth, because my front tooth's dead from an accident long ago. I didn't know it was dead, I thought I was terrible at brushing.

Imagine the weight lifted off my shoulders.

Multiple dentist visits later, and they tell me "you should buy a nice mechanical toothbrush" which is the gentlest way of saying "you suck at brushing your teeth, and you're an adult."
I bought one, and use it every day. It turns out I sucked brushing my teeth. I would finish in 15-20 seconds, long enough to fill my mouth a bit with foam and wash out the taste of the day's food and drink.

That's not actually brushing. The new one I have times me - every thirty seconds it emits a little pulse and I move on to another quadrant of my mouth.
It feels like I'm brushing forever. But the dentist said "this is the best your mouth's ever looked."

So it turns out machines do that better, too.
I don't know how to feel about the fact I have been brushing wrong for like, 20 years.
Foolish mostly.
Fearful of what else I'm failing miserably at, oblivious of my ineptitude.

I'm probably wiping wrong.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

can't sleep, pythons will eat me

Python's too much fun. I think about work when I'm not at work.
But I guess it's only fair since I think about Diablo 3 when I AM at work.
I'd complain that the forums are blocked but there's so much work at work there's not enough time to fuck around.