Wednesday, January 25, 2012

unforeseen consequences

The Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United was bad. Allowing infinite unlimited money into politics via the Super PAC was a terrible decision.

The Right, which tend to have a disproportionate representation with the wealthy and typically align along big business' interests (deregulation friendly) . Super PACs should be good for them. Indeed, there's great wailing and gnashing of teeth about the super PACs on political blogs like the Daily Kos.

So both Newt and Mitt bred these giant monster super PACs, and sent them at each other.
It's absolutely hilarious. Mitt's terrible handling of the tax return question and Newt's super PAC just pounding on Mitt's biggest weakness  - "He's one of elite richie riches" Mitt's lost 15 points in favorability in two weeks.

Everybody was so afraid that the massive corporate money would distort politics.
And they're right, it has. But I think the distortion of zero electable candidates vs Obama wasn't what they were looking for.

evil plans come to fruition
Or maybe it was! Here's a baby making a mastermind face.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I could make a living on this I bet

So there's a new study that indicates we're becoming symbiotic with our computer tools. One of the consequences is memory loss.
Yeah, derr. Sci fi readers have pondered on that since Devil On My Back.
It's a YA novel so I think I read it in 6th or 7th grade.

It's alluded to in the more adult and recent Golden Age as well.

Way to go, scientists.
What's next, building a House of Stairs?

Friday, January 13, 2012

fun PriceLine ripoff story (please RT)

My wife used to use Priceline for her convention visits, booking hotels via their bidding service.

You know the one, William Shatner's their PriceLine Negotiator!!

So 8 months out prior to the show, she bids on Priceline for a hotel. She gets it for a reasonable bid and moves on with her life.
Two weeks prior to the show, the hotel (Atlanta's W Midtown) contacts my wife and says "sorry, we sold your room."

Which apparently is Totally OK according to the contract you sign with Priceline.
Priceline then told them that another area completely unconnected via public transportation or shuttle was their alternative.

The twist is her friend reserved a room at the same rate for the same period (after my wife told her about it), and her reservation was honored. 

Priceline's told my wife to piss off, so she's ending business with the company. Since I have a blog, I figured I'd name and shame the hotel (Atlanta's W Midtown)

It's astounding that the core business principle of Priceline: "Bid on a hotel and receive it" is actually a falsehood.

Spread the word - your rate's not guaranteed. But you can bet your ass they'll come for your money if your stay's not guaranteed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

will gplus respect a jump break?

let's find out if GPlus is smart enough to know what a jump break is.

simple test

testing blogger ingtegration with Google Plus, you can disregard since you do neither nor read my blog.

from cathedral to bazaar

I moved from the iPhone to Android. cross post from tech.