Monday, July 30, 2012

lego mecha? yes please

h/t Penny Arcade

Lego Mecha is a thing, it is real, and it apparently has rules so you can PLAY OTHER PEOPLE.
And since it's legos. . . I 'm just speculating here but. . . YOU CAN BLOW THEIR ARMS OFF

Some things have to be joyfully shouted.
Almost every one of the pieces they use are choking hazards, unfortunately, so I won't be participating. Sure, responsible adults could maintain a collection of these and have children, but I'm playing the odds.
This is how I am a responsible adult.

In other unrelated news but also about gaming - Ubisoft's Copy Protection Installs a Rootkit.
They're Assassin's Creed, Anno series, Splinter Cell, lots of other stuff. I haven't played any of their games in a long long time due to their draconian copy protection measures, this validates my stance.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney, have a heart

Romney's campaign is. . . . fun to watch. Sad to watch.
It's like he's intentionally roonin' it at this point - refusing to release tax returns and making a bigger deal out of it than if he had, running attack ads where he's spliced together Obama's words to make the same point Romney's making on the trail, going to the UK and making an absolute ass of himself. . . 
 Is there some sort of Brewster's Millions clause in the Constitution, where if you don't get any of the electoral college votes you shoot the moon and become President AND Congress AND the Court for life?

King Me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nothing much

Diablo III is swallowing what time my 9 month old isn't.
Here mostly to say something about her.

The worst, and I mean WORST part of parenting so far is the idea that something so terribly precious could be gone at any time.
Rolling off the changing table
Slipping in the bathtub
Eating a couple of bucky balls
Some crazy ass genetic defect that manifests suddenly

Stupid day care providers
Stupid dads
Dumb fucking luck

It's endless, a perpetual assault on your sanity. And there's not a damn thing you can do about 95% of it. It's simply out of your hands.

She's OK, by the way. I'm not in some tragic spot.
The worst thing in our lives is the fact I didn't get to see her tonight because I worked late.