Monday, February 11, 2013

first pope in 6 centuries resigns

The other shoe has got to be huge.
I don't want to see Mea Maxima Culpa because I have a 1 year old and any sort of violence towards kids just does a terrible number on me. . . that movie just feels like a whole bunch of shit you don't get to unhear.

But I bet those two things go together.

Scarlet Whore? Scarlet Pederasts. This shit goes all the way to the top.


  1. hey man, I read Infinite Jest last year (I saw you make a blog post about it). I remember, about six months ago, I had asked my brother if he still thinks about Infinite Jest (he read it during the same time I was reading it) and he told me that it's like The Wire, after you're done with it, it becomes a part of you forever. I found it really interesting that you compared Infinite Jest to The Wire in your blog post in 2009, because that's exactly how my brother and I rank those two in terms of significance in our lives.

  2. Yeah, IJ is probably the most difficult book I've ever read. And I read a lot.
    The Wire's ruined me completely for any other CSI/NCIS/whatever bs cop drama is on tv. Hell, I don't even like the genre but the Wire was So Fucking Good that it defied it. My wife got sucked in about 4 episodes in and she HATES cop dramas.

    Have you ever read anything by Paolo Bacigalupi? I just finished Drowned Cities and it's been sitting in my brain for days, gnawing.
    All of his stuff is great.

  3. (also thanks for reading my spew)